Links to current news sources for the year-long 6th grade CNN Newsroom project--reading, reflecting, writing, citing and speaking!

Print newspapers and magazines can be used but there are many great online sources.

Be sure to cite your article source correctly, using the blue form for an online periodical and the pink form for a website.

Here is a downloadable CNN LIVE form


The library subscribes to the Plattsburgh Press-Republican, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Lake Placid News.


SIRS Discoverer
A database with great newspaper and magazine articles that are useful for current news.

CNN Student News
Online periodical - Use BLUE citation form

Washington Post KidsPost
Online Periodical - Use BLUE citation form

Scholastic News
Website - Use PINK citation form

Time for Kids
Click on "Grades 5-6" tab; online periodical - Use BLUE citation form

Nick News
Great site for "Top Stories" and "Latest News" as well as many activities.

Here There Everywhere - News for Kids

NewsHour Extra
Sponsored by PBS NewsHour and intended for students grades 7-12; very interesting articles.
Website - Use PINK citation form

CNN project documents you can download yourself!

Current Events Form
CNN Live Grade Sheet
CNN Live Criteria Sheet